David Gschwind: In wine there is creativity

Already when I was little I understood how many advantages the creative, versatile and close to nature profession of a vintner has. After my 3 year apprenticeship in various wine regions in Switzerland I travelled to New Zealand to work there.

Between 2014 and 2017 I attended a seminar of viniculture technology at the College in Wädenswil.

Since January 2017 I am the firm manager and my goal is to develop the vinery in all facets and areas.



Claudia Gschwind: Experience – understand – enjoy

When I was a little girl I helped to mash grapes with my feet at my grandparent’s winery in Italy. This was probably the guidepost for later. My tasks are working in the vineyards, production of bread and other baked goodies. I also help with Apéros, wine tastings, markets and Marketing. Since 2017 there has been a lot of new ideas – I like that.



Stephan Gschwind

Small, creative and efficent are not only headwords to me but a whole attitude towards life that worked very well for me for a long time. Many years ago I read about self-realisation and creative work and I was fascinated by this idea.

For me it is a privilege to perform a diverse and complex profession.



Anna Gschwind

For the last years I was cooking and baking for our harvesting crew, a job I enjoy very much.

Otherwise I don’t spend a lot of time on the farm anymore, since I moved to the Gruyere region a few months ago.

If you are interested in Gruyere cheese or Fondue, please contact me


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