About us

Gschwind Weinbau was founded in 1986 by Claudia and Stephan Gschwind. In 1991 they bought the old farmhouse in the Birkenstrasse and rebuilt it to the vinery, the cellar and the living house it is today.

In 2010 we built another wine cellar with the same size like the already existing one. Since 1986 we added continuously more land to our vineyards and reached the 2hectares that we own today.

They are divided into 3 areas: The valley “Klus” in Aesch, the Rebgarten in Therwil and the Hollenrain, also in Therwil.

The careful and sustainable handling with nature and environment is a great responsibility for us. Although we “only” work under the IP-Label (integrierte Produktion) we have stopped using Herbicides already back in 2000.

We also keep the amount of artificial fertilizers and other pesticides to a minimum.

In the cellar as well we try to work as gentle as possible and try as often as possible to work with gravity..

Our wines are manufactured without unnecessary polishing treatment or great interventions. They are not being pushed into the uniformal frame. As various and characteristically a year can be as diverse develop our wines – simply natural.   

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